Can't declutter screen anymore


I can no longer clean the screen and customize it, especially the information located on the left and right. Previously, this was possible with a simple swipe gesture. This possibility seems to have disappeared in the past few weeks. Is this a bug or a deliberate decision by Zwift to no longer offer the ability to hide certain elements of the heads-up display?

I’m using an Apple iPad tablet, and having the information on the left and right sides creates a very cluttered view that prevents me from fully enjoying the immersion offered by Zwift. It’s truly very frustrating.

The full-screen view mode is not an equivalent solution because I like being able to read the information located at the top of the screen, and besides, the full-screen view mode is not available during a workout.

I truly feel that this is a major regression in the use of Zwift.

Thank you for your response.

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