iPad usage.

I use an iPad for Zwift but it does not have the feature that I had with my laptop of being able to see how far riders are behind and that they are coming up.  I miss that feature.



The Riders Nearby list is there. But on iOS devices, you can swipe it off the screen. And that’s a persistent change. You are supposed to be able to grab them at the edge of the screen and drag them back on, but that is trickier than we’d like it to be.

The easiest way to get them back is to just delete and re-install the app. Sorry I don’t have an easier solution for you. The common request was how to get rid of the rider’s nearby list and leaderboards, but it’s harder than we’d like to get them back on the screen.

Ride On,


Zwift Game Design

Why not add a tab that sticks on the screen edge?