Running Zwift on Iphone 6s

So I did my first Zwift session using my iPhone 6S using cellular service as wifi, and using the HDMI output adapter to my TV. Up until now I had always used my laptop on an ethernet internet connection through Cox Cable.
It ran really well and looked the same, but the riders list on the right hand side of the screen was completely gone. I have never had that before, so I assume it had to do with changing to using the iPhone, or maybe Zwift was just acting up tonight?

Any ideas? Anything I need to do to get it to work again?

Swipe your finger from the right edge towards the middle. With the iPhone, you can hide both the rider list (right side) and the 30d PR list (left side) by swiping them off the screen. It actually makes for nice clean look. I imagine the iPad is probably the same.

For PC or Mac, I believe you have to manually edit the prefs file. Apple TV, no!

Oh that is awesome Lin! Thank you for the help. I will give it a try next ride.

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Yep it works a treat on the iPad. Everyday is a school day !