Video screenshot

I run zwift on an iPad pro.
Ever since the roll out of the video screenshot feature I would get video screenshots.

Now the feature is gone. The option isn’t in the settings menu anymore.

I tried the steps that are on the zwift website but is seems like it’s just not there anymore.

Am I doing something wrong or is the option gone?

They rolled it out then pegged back on the devices that received the feature.

In a word if the menu option isn’t there then you’ve not got it and it can’t be turned on.

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Thanks for the reply!
Is there a reason they stopped it? And is there any info on when it gets rolled back out?
Was this just a test phase?

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There were issues with performance on certain devices so they’ve rolled it back to the higher performance setups.
I think they’re continuing to test and improve the feature but there’s been no update for a while so i don’t think anything is imminent.

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That explains it. I’ll wait till they start rolling it out again.

Thanks again for the reply and clearing it up.