Total noob, couple of questions

Hey guys I just signed up for zwift… I bought a tacx satori smart trainer to do this last week and am setting it up now.  

Im wondering whats the best way for me to use this.  I have a few options so Im wondering what peoples thoughts are.

1.  Can I do everything via a phone/ or tablet? Or do I really need a tv screen or monitor to really see everything there is to offer?

I have a chromebook and I thought that would be ideal, and least amount of hassle for me as its portable.  Im not sure its functional with the trainer though I dont think it is.  

2.  I have two other options at home, either set up in front of my home pc where I currently have a triple monitor setup that I use for Iracing (car racing simulator).   I figure this would probably be ideal but I dont really like where I would have to set my trainer.

Option b would be to run an hdmi from my pc connected with the ant+ and use my big screen tv.  If I do this Ill be about 8-10 feet from my pc… will I need an extension cord for the ant + or will the signal reach that far?  

3, And lastly, is there anywhere I can see how many people are signed up for an upcoming event, or get an idea how many people are usually involved in an event?  I really have no idea what to expect for participation… is there usually a lot of people at any given time online, or is it sporadic where there are times nobody is on?  

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


  1. Chromebook is not supported. PC, Mac, iPad and iPhone, and AppleTV as of right now.

  2. Ant+ dongle and a USB extension would be best. You will have to figure out what works best for you.

  3. Depends on the event, but some can have a couple hundred during peak times in January. 


    • The Zwift Companion App (iOS and Android) has an Events list, and each Event shows the number of persons “registered” for that Event at the moment. Bigger special events can have thousands of participants, and bigger group rides can have hundreds. Numbers peak, I believe, in the northern hemisphere winter.

not sure you want to buy something, but the apple tv would probably be the cheapest option - just plug it into your tv.