Hello all.Need to sort out the best way to hook up with my tech

Hello all. I am trying to sort out the best way to set up with the tech I have on hand.
Here goes.
Bike/trainer - bike has ANT, trainer is a no-tech Kinetic. l. I have the Ant USB dongle
I have companion app on a newer android phone.
I have laptop PC windows 10.
Last year I was riding out in the garage - used the dongle to laptop and app no problem

This year is different. I am inside with same equipment plus a new big screen TV. I would love to have Zwift on the TV.
The set up I’ve come up with is ANT dongle to laptop and either USB/HDMI to the tv, or chrome cast to the TV. Is there are way to pare this down? Seems like a ridiculous amount of tech. Help appreciated. THANK YOU.

HDMI cable to the TV will be the best.

What about Chromecase? It would be nice to eliminate a cable.

I think the graphics will be ok but not as nice as with a cable.

The Chromecast does work I have tested it.