Android to USB ANT+ to TV?

Hello all, I am new to this and am having a hard time connecting to my TV screen. I have been told that APPLE TV is supported perfectly and that my Macbook wont. My Galaxy S10 phone screen is too small, I want to race on the big screen! I have a CycleOps Phantom 5 which requires an ANT+. Maybe there is a 3 way splitter from phone to ANT+ to HDMI (TV)? I also have the O_Synce shifter but have also been told that doesnt work on Zwift. Any help would be great! Thanks…


You can use CABLE (you will need an iPhone for the initial setup) or the 4iiii HRM to bridge the ANT+ to BLE.

Why won’t your Mac work?


I was told that my MacBook pro won’t support the app.

As of now I’m using my S10 with the ANT+

I’m wondering if there’s some type of 3 way adapter so I can plug my phone into the TV and broadcast to that but still have the ANT+ plugged into my phone to broadcast the Bluetooth to my bike.


Isn’t the Phantom 5 Bluetooth? ANT+ isn’t supported on Android so you’re probably actually using Bluetooth?

Yes the phantom 5 requires a little USB to be plugged into the phone or supported device. Then the program connects via that. ANT+ works fine on my android, I use it daily with just the phone as my screen


Are you talking about Zwift or something else? Zwift for Android is Bluetooth only.

I guess I should of been more clear. My bottom line is, I want to use my tv screen as my monitor, not my phone. So I just wound up getting an Apple TV box and downloading the program, that works well. I am using bluetooth to connect the bike. Also I wish that there were some way to shift when needed instead of having to access the settings and reduce the difficulty. On Rouvy I can use the bluetooth shifter to change gears when needed, obviously Zwift doesnt have that. Rouvy doesnt work with apple and like I said using my phone just isnt optimal.