Getting Zwift on to a TV screen

Hi everyone,

I’ve been using Zwift for a year on an iPad and using the companion app on my phone.

My iPad is now so old it doesn’t support Zwift and I want to be able to use Zwift on a big TV screen I have set up. Ideally I want to use my phone for the companion app.

I have a laptop but it doesn’t have a functioning bluetooth sensor and the connection always drops out with the companion app.

What does everyone think is the best/most cost effective way to run zwift through a TV screen?



But depending on your sensors you could use ANT+ dongle and a USB extension on your laptop which would be a more robust setup.


ATV as mentioned or use an HDMI cable from your laptop to the TV and get the Ant+ USB dongle.

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More robust on a laptop? I would suggest that Apple TV has a lot less crashes than laptops seem to.

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I have used a laptop on and off for over 5 years and have never had a crash.

BTW, I was referring to ANT+ with a USB extension being more robust than Bluetooth.


I use a HDMI cable between my laptop and TV with no issues
I have also used my Fire stick to cast or mirror my phone to the TV but there is a small lag between the image I see on the phone and the TV.
No problem for workouts etc but I haven’t tried to race with that set up.
I prefer non bluetooth set ups for racing.
It seems less glitchy.

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If you don’t want to invest any more (ie: buying Apple TV or a PC or a new laptop with functioning Bluetooth) then i would say what a couple people have said:

  • Laptop to TV via HDMI (or whatever cable you need to display the laptop on the TV)
  • Ant+ USB dongle
  • Job done.

If you have a laptop stand, or a shelf near your trainer, you might not need a USB extension. I have had good success with the Suunto Ant+ USB dongle ( from about 2m away from my trainer. (your results might vary!)

PS: Shop around - you can find the dongles cheaper than on the link i included

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