Setup question

I just started using Zwift and I’m loving it so far. Much better than going out and doing my intervals and long rides out in the rain/snow/dark as I’ve been doing.

Anyway I had a question regarding setup - has anyone tried using a long (30+ feet) active USB extender for the ANT+ dongle? I live in a small apartment and have a nice area in front of my tv for Zwifting where I can get adequate cooling. To do this I have to use a 8 year old laptop which can only run the Zwift in basic/540p. This looks pretty awful on my 4k tv.

I do have a solid gaming desktop that should be able to handle 4K Ultra no problem, but it is in another room. I ordered a 40ft hdmi cable and a 32ft usb cable to link the pc to my TV/trainer. Since ANT+ is pretty finicky at the best of times I’m worried that there might not be enough voltage carried through the cable.

I know visual quality won’t make me faster, but it would be nice to sit in front of a crisp HD image for hours and hours rather than what I’m currently seeing.

Standard USB cables can only drive up to 5 metres before an active usb cable is needed. Ant+ will be fine so long as you get quality cable.

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I’ve been using a 32ft active USB cable for several years, with no issues. As long as the dongle end of the cable is close to your bike, you should be fine.

Ride on!

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Great, thanks for the replies!

@Robert_Poplawsky: Thinking out of the box here, have you tried to use steam to stream your game to the laptop. I use it to play Fortnite on my old PC because my super PC is my Zwift station.

Look up Steam in home streaming, I am not sure about the ant+ dongle over the Steam stream, but worth a try.

Look someone tried it and it work.

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That’s a great idea!

Turns out I already bought the cables and it works fine. My Zwifting area is of limited size so it is nice to get the laptop out of the way. Much better visuals and frame rates too.

could you not use the mobile link and Bluetooth?

leave the desktop where it is and use the long HDMI cable to get the picture to the TV?

Yes you could use bluetooth but Introducing bluetooth into the equation just add one more thing that could go wrong.

but it would take away ant+ so would also remove something that could go wrong, wouldn’t it?