Active (powered) USB cable for ANT+ dongle recommendations?

I get ANT+ dropouts from my Wahoo SNAP (using FE-C to Zwift btw) when I have a second Wahoo running next to it.  (the second trainer is connecting via bluetooth).   I’m thinking that running a USB cable to the ANT+ connected SNAP would be worth a try, but of course the cable run of about 10 feet will also cause some signal loss.   Can anyone recommend an “active” or powered USB extension cable?   Do you agree with my reasoning, that moving the dongle close to the trainer might require an active cable to get best signal strength? 

and if so, any recommendations for a good cable?  seems like all the powered cable are at least 5 meters long… longer than I need, but I guess OK if not lossy.






Hi David,

My best suggestion would be to use a USB 2.0 extension cable to improve ANT+ connectivity issues. 


I tried a passive extension cable and saw no real difference.  I think either a powered USB hub or an “active”, i.e. powered USB extension cable might boost the signal sensitivity.   That’s the advice I’m looking for – from someone hopefully that also has multiple Zwift setups side by side with signals bouncing all over the place.


but thanks for the suggestion

Hi Dave.  My wife and I run two bikes in the basement.  We plug into one computer and sometimes run Zwift in split screen on the TV.  Most times she just uses Trainer road.  We are about a couch’s width apart.  We both run 10 ft cables and a powered usb hub.  Usb’s from the motherboard do not put out that much power.  In any case.  I almost never have a drop.  I also taped the other end with the sensor to the Wahoo leg.  Up and out of the way.  Any USB hub and 2.0 10ft cable should work fine.  

Ride On.