ANT+ Dropouts FIXED

I’ve been plagued with ANT+ dropouts.  Most days it was manageable, if obnoxious, but other days it was a complete write-off.  I tried everything zwiftalizer recommended.  I used a short USB extension cable (tried two), replaced batteries, moved fans, moved the cable, tried different USB ports, etc.

I moved the ANT+ dongle to a third cable after one really bad day of dropouts, and my Kickr quit dropping out, but my cadence sensor was worse.

After that ride, I used an in-line amp meter to test each cable and how well it charged my iPhone. The last cable I tried that worked the best was 0.5amps.  The first two cables I had been using for awhile were 0.25 and 0.35 amps.  So I had been using some 3 foot USB cables with high impedance.  

I dug around and found an “Active” USB cable that is probably 15-25 feet long.  It gave me 0.5amps charging my phone.  So I used it last night and put the ANT+ dongle on the floor about a foot away from my crank.

I finally had zero dropouts!

So if you’re having ANT+ dropout issues and you’re pulling your hair out - try a high quality “Active” USB extension cable.  (But not too long.  I tried a 50’ active cable and only got 0.25 amps out of it).



Glad to hear it.  I have a 10 ft extension and a powered usb hub.  My wife and I run Zwift on split screen at the same time.  (usb hub)

However, I was still getting drop outs.  What solved my kickr’s problem was always using ANT+ FE-C  at pairing screen.  Instead of the other one. 

No more drops at all.  Except in a group ride I should not be in.  Then I get dropped all the time.  :slight_smile:

I just order active extension usb cable, hope it fix my unstable ant signal. Environment where do my indoor training is challenging, it’s a bathroom. I have also fan next to me what is probably do some interference.