Increase in ANT+ dropouts

I’ve started experiencing more and more sensor dropouts lately. Following some recommendations on the forum, I bought a 2m USB extension cable to put my ANT+ dongle closer to my bike (in a plastic bag to protect it from sweat). This has helped, but I’m still seeing ten or more dropouts an hour. Until recently, I usually saw no more than one or two dropouts an hour. Any ideas? Windows updates? Zwift updates? Failing dongle?

Even 2 dropouts per hour on ANT is unusual for me, I hardly have any dropouts ever. The only time I do is when someone uses the microwave in the kitchen above the part of the basement where I Zwift.

Perhaps it is something else causing interference, try moving things around in your environment. Is your fan too close, try pushing it back or to the opposite side of the bike from where the ANT and extension cable is placed.

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It could well be interference, as Mike has suggested.

It could also be the dongle failing. Also, have you tried a different USB port to eliminate the port (which can fail and/or have a bad connection too)?

Apparently, the USB port went bad. I switched to a different port, and the dropouts stopped.

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