Using two computers to run zwift? Any ideas

I have a extremely powerful PC upstairs and a 32 bit laptop. I would like to use the 32 bit laptop downstairs streaming zwift with a software like space desk this works however my ant+ dongle dose not have the signal strength to reach to my trainer down stairs. has anyone got any ideas on how i could plug my dongle into the laptop but “Send the ant+ data” to my main PC?


Using an Active USB extension cable may be the way to go, plugged into your main PC upstairs.  If the run is 50 ft (15.25 meters) or less.  You can either permanently run it, if possible. Or just run the cable downstairs every time you are going to ride. I don’t think there is a way to send ANT+ data from PC to PC.  Make sure to purchase an  Active USB cable.  Regular USB 2.0 or 3.0 cable is not strong enough after 15 ft (4.5 meters)


There is also USB to CAT5 converters.  You can run CAT 5 cable (Network) and buy the USB converters for both ends.  This works well for very long distances.  Up to 150 ft, and then you could even use a switch to extend it further.  You see this for security camera setup many times, where a mouse and keyboard are needed near LED TV’s, but the DVR are in a Server Room.  Below is a link to the USB to Network Cable. You can also buy long pre cut lengths of CAT5 Cable, 50’,100’,150’,etc…


Thanks very much for all the help think I will go with the usb idea

Have you thought about using Zwifts mobile link app? I’ve used this in the past with a Mac “upstairs” running Zwift, streaming to an apple TV - the MobileLink app worked like a dream (over BTLE on iOS). If you don’t have ANT+ on your mobile device then something like an ANT to BTLE Bridge would work (I use CABLE from NPE-inc.).

Just an idea