New User - Making something from a pile of hardware

Decided to give zwift and virtual training a try and my wife is joining in as well! So we bought a Tacx Vortex. We both have Garmin watches with HRM, and we have Ant+ HRM straps. I’ve got a couple of the old chainstay mount garmin speed/cadence sensors. but We’ve also got wireless BT PT hubs. I’ve got an 820 and a 705 laying around and we probably have an ANT+ dongle around here. We have a couple IOS options - Ipad 2, Iphone 6, and a couple android options - Pixel 1 Pixel 2. We’ve even got a monitor with HDMI in the garage (car/bike repair youtube machine). What we don’t really have is a PC option.

What I am trying to figure out is what do we string together from what we own, vs what is easiest to buy. It sounds like we need someway to get our HRM to connect to zwift (ANT+) and we need some way to connect our zwift device to the screen. Is a cheap laptop just the easy button option? Use our ANT+ dongle so we don’t have to buy BT sensors? Or use the speed/cadence from our PT hubs and BT from our watch HRM, with a phone and a chromecast to get it on screen?

She is a tech newb who just needs easy (our i user). I’m a little more open. For this to work for her, she needs to not struggle with the technology, just shoes on, bike mounted and start pedaling. What is going to be the least difficult setup from the hardware I have, or should buy, to get there?

Sound like you have a bunch of nice stuff to play with, I like the idea that you have PT hubs, you can even use a cheap no name trainer and still get very accurate results.

So this is my opinion, get a used PC (not laptop) you can get a good 3rd gen i5 with a GTX960 GPU. A stand in front of the bike and a wireless KB with integrated track ball.
Search Ebay lots of kids will get new PC on black Friday.