Just starting out

I am putting together an indoor trainer.  Just picked up the Tacx ironman smart trainer. 

Should I use zwift or tacx software.  Will zwift be able to calibrate the bike and trainer initially or do I have to  use tacx software for that?


I’d like to use zwift with an ipad.  Will I Need an adapter for it to talk to the trainer?


My goals are to be able to do different routes and maybe group rides virtually.  Do some famous race routes like the tour de france. 

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Hi Bob,

The Tacx Ironman Smart T2060 is supported for use with Zwift, so congrats on acquiring that new smart trainer!

According to the information on Tacx’s website, the set up of the Ironman trainer enables an easy, automatic calibration process to ensure high accuracy. 

The Tacx Ironman Smart is also compatible with the Tacx Utility App and you’ll want to download that for firmware updates and/or calibration (if available). Just make sure you close the Tacx App before using Zwift.

You will not need any kind of separate adapter or device to pair your Tacx Ironman to Zwift running on a supported iPad. The Ironman supports BLE connections and that’s how you would pair it to Zwift

We understand it can be confusing with all these pieces of equipment, so we made a “Getting Started” guide that’s available on our knowledge base.

Additionally, we have another video that explains how to get your various pieces of equipment set up properly.

Finally, make sure your computer or supported device platform meets our minimum requirements.

Yep definitely a lot of information.  Didn’t realize the ipad would work.  I was looking at getting a dongle. 


Thanks for info.  Hope to join you guys in some rides soon

you will end up using zwift more i think. i gave tacx away a long time ago along with their trainers (the only good one is the neo)

Well I been speaking to Tacx support because I cannot get my ipad to talk to the trainer.  Turns out I have a Tacx t2021 Genius.   They saying its an older model that only works with ANT+ and windows.  And the brake unit only works with ANT+ and Antenna T2028.


Does anyone know if Zwift will work with an ipad?  Is there an adapter I can buy to get it to talk to the trainer?  I have the Antenna T2028.


If not I guess I will have to figure out a windows setup.    :frowning:


I don’t mind using the Tacx software on  a windows laptop just to upgrade firmware but I would like to use the trainer mainly on Zwift for courses and maps, and group rides etc

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You can use CABLE to bridge ANT+ to Bluetooth.

These versions of IOS device are compatible with Zwift: iPad Air or higher, iPad Pro, iPad Mini 2 or higher, or iPod 6

That cable very interesting.  Just one device instead of the dongle and 30pin adapter. 

I have the newer Ipad pro 12.9in

Should work, I have used an iPad mini 2 with Zwift without issue.

Paul I got the cable.  Still can’t see my trainer.  I’m starting to think I’m stuck with a windows laptop.  Very frustrated.  Feel like I am never going to get this going.  I bought the big ipad specifically for riding now probably need to load it on windows



Hey Bob, from looking into it seems that specific trainer just won’t be able to work with Zwift without actual hardware upgrades. You can talk with TacX about these specific upgrades, or you can check out this guide to use any trainer to connect to Zwift (with a speed sensor or power meter). However you’ll have to use Zpower which does not give an accurate estimation of wattage. It’s more like a preview on how Zwift could work if it were compatible with your trainer.

If Zwift gives you any additional trouble feel free to send us a support ticket as well!