Tacx Ironman- update

Ok figured it out, and all please note this, I bought the Tacx Ironman T2050.  that’s very important, the 2050 does not have the capability to support Ant+ FC.  So it cant talk to Zwift, it is not a “SMART” trainer.  You can of course use it as a classic trainer with a powermeter, but not the same thing.  You need the 2060 version for it to work with Zwift as a SMART trainer.  To be fair to Zwift, they make that clear if you read the small print (ie they say they only support 2060 version- I just missed that).

However for $300 more you can go to Tacx and get them to ship you the I-genius Smart upgrade.  Which if you bought the Ironman cheap as I did, because it is the old model, then this is still economic when compared to buying a new Smart trainer (2060 or I-Genius) of equal capability, not the steal I thought it was but still not bad.  I do actually like the hardware, and the TTS software, but its not Zwift of course!  if you want a ‘wheel on’ system this is as good as it gets. 

by the way, if someone wants a cheap Ironman ‘break’ unit, 2050 I have one for sale!  Cant talk to Zwift, but works perfectly well as an upgrade to any other Tacx trainer, much better resistance unit than the others, and can be used as a ‘dumb’ trainer with zwift too.  brand new- one owner!  Never used!

Hi Mark, 

Thank you very much for sharing your knowledge. I’m pretty sure a lot of Zwift users will find it very useful!

Ride On!

Hi Mark,

Do you mean I can upgrade T2050 after install I-genius Smart upgrade T2085 parts. after this installation, Can I use Zwift to connect through T2085 successful?

Kit Chan