T2085 iGenius upgrade

(Jone Owe ZZRC) #1


I have just installed the T2085 upgrade on my iGenius, but zwift does not recognize it as a controllable trainer - just a classic. What do I need to do?

(Mark Hewitt) #2

Have you upgraded the firmware on the unit using your phone and the Tacx Utility app? I would connect to it using that and test the slope changes etc before you move onto Zwift.

(Christian Beeler) #3

I have the same Problem and I tried the Taxc Utility app but the app it dosent recognise my Genius T2085

(Ian Donohoe MTB) #4

I had my igenius upgraded to smart back in March.  But before I could use the updated unit (as it wasn’t recognised)  I had to go back into the software and delete my old trainer as it was the one which was registered.  Once deleted, get the software to search for a new trainer.  Hope this fixes it for you.

Ian Donohoe MTB

(Jone Owe ZZRC) #5

Actually was fixed when I first updated firmware through PC, and thereafter updated with the Tacx utility app on my iphone

(Christian Beeler) #6

Tx for the input. I could solve the problem with Tacx costumer service. They sent me the wrong hardware something T2020 and not the T 2085. I used the twitter support they asked me for the serial and order number and apologised that they sent the wrong Genius upgrade and 3 days later I had my T 2085 in Switerzland. I just can say, real good costumer service from Tacx.  This time it took me just 3 Minutes to install the upgrade and test it.

(Jone Owe ZZRC) #7

christian beeler: does your T2085 upgrade change resistance as you are going uphill or downhill? little is happening on my T2085…same cadence but different speed…

(Christian Beeler) #8

Yes it changes resistance.  I had the same problem at the beginning and they found out they sent me the wrong device the T 2020. You should see it on the nameplate if you have the T2085. Best you contact Tacx support over Twitter or mail they where really helpful.

(Chris Naude(Meat Eater)) #9

Hi there, I have the Bushido T1981. Will the T2085 work on my system? And most importantly will it work on Zwift?