tacx I genius multiplayer


Any idea from someone when the Tacx I Genius mill be added to the compatible devices for zwift 

It’s a shame such an interesting platform and i cannot use it…

Yes it is a shame as the Tacx I-genius advanced cost £1000.  You would have thought it was one of the first to be compatible.  I have emailed Tacx and suggest that anyone else who would like this trainer to be suitable for Zwift to do the same.


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I concur, please make the Tacx I-genius compatible asap.

Thank you.  Darryl

I just updatet my Tacx I genius to make it compatible. Costs 181 Euro.

@Dylan: what did you have to do to make it compatible?

You sent an email  t o support@tacx.com. In the mail you ask for tacx smart replacement. You get a mail back with a RMI number and instructions. What you have to do is to dismount the house from the trainer with the on off switch. It is fastened with only on torx screw. Then you sent the device with the electric parts to TACX together with the RMI number and pay the invoice. After that you get Your electrical device with smart FE c protocol and you can hook up to swift or any other open source trainer program

Thanks Dylan. But it looks like my problem is simpler. I have the tacx igenius multiplayer 2010. I updated the firmware of the trainer using the iphone app and it seems that that did the trick. At least Zwift now makes some sense. (There is still a discrepancy between speed as it is shown on screen vs the actual speed you’re making on the trainer, but my impression is that that is part of how Zwift works.) At least got a decent workout with Zwift.

I don’t think Zwift is controlling Your TACX trainer. Since the I genius has the FE C protocol only since 2014. I had a I genius multiplayer of 2014 and it was not ‘smart’ . You can see it also in the swift menu if it does not detect a smart trainer it does not control it. Ofcourse you can ride, but it is not the same as it is with the TACX software . After the upgrade you Will notice the resistance changes when you climb. Just like it does with the TACX software

My i genius multiplayer is 2 months old and is detected in the swift menu. Before updating the firmware it was detected but behaved rather weird with Zwift. But I have to figure out what’s with the resistance.

My Genius is from 2013, my Tacx App doesn’t update it and I can’t pair with Zwift. What can I do?

Hi Cassio,

You’d best look through the Tacx Forum and Zwift Forum for more information, i.e. https://support.zwift.com/hc/en-us/community/posts/203613823-Tacx-trainers-Upgrade-Smart-required-

The I-Genius you have is the non-smart version and will not be controllable by Zwift, so going up- or downhill the resistence will stay the same. You should be able to pair it with Zwift, however. Do you have an ANT+ dongle?

Making your I-Genius Smart entails a hardware upgrade. This makes it controllable by Zwift. Good luck!



If you have 180 euros to spare you can send part of the rear brake unit back to Tacx for an upgrade.  I must admit it was a bitter pill to swallow as the I- Genius was over £1000! It did however turn out to be money well spent as Zwift is more immersive and runs smoother than the Tacx software.