Tacx Ironman wont be picked up

(Damon Smith) #1

Hi All,

I have a Tacx Ironman that wont be picked up when i try to launch zwift. Oddly my heartrate belt and cadence is picked up that is powered via the same ANT+ you get with a Tacx.

All tacx programs are closed but still will not pick up, any ideas. Many thanks

(Tony Howard WBR D) #2

Which model is it? My ironman (genius) works fine but I had to get the smart upgrade from tacx to make it “smart”

(Damon Smith) #3

thanks for the reply, I have a Tacx T2021 Genius. I will look on Tacx site to make it ‘smart’ if you suggest



(Tony Howard WBR D) #4

Not sure what the process is now, they were doing them in batches, basically you have to swap the part that lights up green/orange think they charged around 200 euros for it.