tacx Ironman

(Mark Gibson (EY RAAM)) #1

after 5 hrs got Tacx own software to work, but can not get Zwift to see my Ironman.  updated the drivers, updated the firmware, uninstalled and reloaded everything, everything on Tacx works fine, except my Bluetooth can not see the trainer, none of my Bluetooth devices.  but shouldn’t matter as I have the right ant+ dongle.  worked perfectly on my old Elite hard wired system, but simply can not get Zwift to see my trainer.  Any ideas?

Tacx might look good, but ugg, what a nightmare the software is, and the simplest thing, zwift seeing the trainer, simply will not work… frustrating!

(Hugh Colvin) #2

Make sure no Tacx apps or software is running when using Zwift. I’ve heard this will “block” the Zwift connection.

(. TomH..) #3

Hi Mark, 

Have you tried what Hugh suggested, that could be the problem.

(Sam Waters) #4

Hi Mark. What is the latest with this? Any update?

I have the exact same issue as you and its very frustrating to buy an expensive trainer only for it to fail.

I have a smart trainer, and I have closed all other apps/software on pc so that nothing else is trying to connect to the trainer. Still doesn’t work pick up any signal. ANT+ antenna works as it picks up my HR.

So if you found a solution, please share.

(Stephane Martel) #5


I have the same problem with my Ironman trainer. It is not recognized during search. Have you found the solution ?



(Sam Waters) #6

Hi Stephane,


My problem was because I thought I had a smart trainer, but the shop/manufacturer (not sure who), had mistakenly put a previous non-smart model in the box. They then had to ship out a new one for me.

Have a look at the model number on the serial sticker on the bottom of the machine and make sure you actually have a smart model. If you are still not sure, send a support ticket to Tacx Support with the serial number of your machine and they can look it up for you.


Once you know you have a “smart” Ironman trainer, download the Tacx app on your phone and then see if you can connect your device to that. If you can, then that is great. Download the latest driver updates as this is what will let you connect with zwift or other 3rd party apps.

(Stephane Martel) #7

Hello Sam,

Thank you for your very helpfull advice. After verification, my Tacx Ironman unit is in fact a T2021 and Zwift only supports T2060. I have log a ticket at Tacx Support. Have Tacx changed the complete unit for you ? I am afraid this is not only a simple firmware upgrade. However, it does say the Ironman is a smart trainer when you buy it.

Thanks again for your note.


(Sam Waters) #8

Hi Stephane,


No problems. I have been there with those issues and know that it is very frustrating.

Your situation sounds similar to me. I purchased a T2080 Ironman (which has the same brake as the Genius), and got sent a T2050 (which is the same brake as your T2021 but branded with Ironman instead of Genius).


This is not a smart trainer and will not work with Zwift as it needs different hardware in the brake motor. So no firmware upgrade will fix that. Check to see that you purchased a T2060 model, and if so, then the shop you bought it from will need to give you the correct model. This is what I did. Annoying as I was without a trainer for 2 weeks waiting for a new one to ship in, but I eventually got it sorted.

Once I had the correct model and it was a smart trainer, everything just connected up perfectly.

(Stephane Martel) #9

Hello Sam,

Once again, thank you for your comments and advices. My last question for you is how did you know you purchased a T2080 or T2060, instead of a T2050 or T2021 ? Was there a label on the box or on your invoice ? I purchased a Tacx Ironman trainer more than a  year ago not paying attention to the exact model type. I was an early adopter of the Ironman trainer, although the case and appearance of my Ironman trainer is identical to the T2060, it is actually labeled T2021 iGenius underneath… The warranty is most probably expired by now. I was expecting the Ironman trainer to be smart, not knowing that there was some specific models which were smart, and others not. I am trying to make my case to the store I purchased it from in 2015, but I am not sure they will listen. I am also waiting from some comments from Tacx support on this as well.

Again, thank you for your story on how you managed to get the unit replaced.



(Sam Waters) #10

Hi Stephane, no problem. Happy to help.

I knew that I purchased a T2080 because it was listed on their website as such (bought online from Europe) and it was also listed as T2080 on the invoice.

The box the trainer came in was actually for the non-smart Ironman trainer, but then it had some official stickers all over the box stating that it was a smart trainer and the T2080 model. I asked Tacx about this and they confirmed this was normal, however they said the model should still have been the T2080 inside, not the T2050.

Try and find your invoice as that should state the model you purchased. If you bought it online, then you should have an invoice on your email somewhere. If you bought it at a physical shop, give them a ring and they might be able to find the invoice in their system and email it to you.

It may be a problem due to how long is has been since you purchased it. However it is still worth chasing this up because you didn’t receive what you purchased. If they don’t want to send a replacement, then maybe try saying they need to give you a partial refund. Because you held up your part of the contract (ie paying them x amount), but they never did by supplying you with a T2080. To me this isn’t a warranty issue, but a really massive error on their part, and shouldn’t be time bound in order to fix it. You may be even entitled to initiate a charge-back through your credit card/bank or even paypal offer this but not sure how long after the purchase you can do this.

If that fails, maybe see if you can get Tacx to ship out a replacement part of the motor which then makes it a smart trainer (it wont be the whole brake but just a component of it). Tell them your story and hopefully they will send one out. It might even be worth writing on their social media/facebook page which might move them to resolve this. It might even be a factory error when they boxed it up, so they should really be rectifying this for you regardless of when you purchased it.

Or see if they will even upgrade you to the Flux or Neo   :wink: