Seriously frustrated

Hi all,

Please bear with me as I am entirely new to the smart trainer arena.

Long story short, I purchased a Tacx Mulitplayer T2220 second hand and got it yesterday, I dont have a laptop with a disc drive so have been trying to find the Tacx software online to download that way with no luck. I cannot find the trainer as a device (I assume this is because the software isnt installed?). I dont want to use Tacx for riding I want to use Zwift but cant pair my trainer.

Almost at the point of giving up entirely. Anyone got any experience with this?

There is a chance the trainer doesn’t use ant+ or bluetooth and instead uses proprietary data transfer and so there is a chance it doesn’t work with zwift.

Notice I say ‘chance’.

Hi Ben,

I’m fairly confident it does work with Zwift. Finally got somewhere with it tonight, I noticed that on the device screen it says that the drivers aren’t installed. So it must need the software. The problem is I dont have a disc drive, surely you can download what the CD gives you online? I cant find it anywhere!

This trainer isn’t supported by Zwift, sorry. No amount of Tacx software will change things, so don’t waste any more time on that. The list of classic trainers supported is here:

You’ll need a speed/cadence sensor and to choose the ‘not listed’ classic trainer option to even have a chance of being able to use it. The power numbers will be guessed by Zwift, and capped at 400W.

This is worth a watch, you’re essentially just using a turbo instead of rollers:

Thanks Dave.

Very disappointing to hear that, it seems I may have been too hasty when buying it. It seems I shall have to sell it on.

Thanks for the help all.