Top menu error report

When logged into Zwift with Firefox/Win 10, the menu disappear if the browser window size is under 1280 px wide, so after scaling it up I see it. It was not like that earlier.


Can you take a screenshot and drop it your response?

See the blue menu: The upper is correct, but with under 1280 pixels wide it disappear.

Gotcha. Picture, 1000 words, etc.

I’ll pass on your feedback to the web team.

I did some more research: In “My feed” it works under 1280px, but in Activy feed, Training, Run, Off-Road and more it don’t.

The web team responded that this shift is intentional.

When a desktop browser is narrowed to mimic a mobile browser in vertical orientation, you can access the navigation menu by clicking on your avatar picture which behaves like a hamburger menu.

Thanks for your help!