Zwift website truncates full screen images from activities

Just noticed that if you view your activities from the Zwift Website and click on an activity, it loads and shows your route. After clicking on a screenshot to show the full image, it seems to be packed inside an iframe with a scrollbar instead of adjusting the height and width of the picture according to your resolution.

It’s not a responsive design and it did work earlier.

But I can’t recall when I’ve been using this way for the last time.

Yes this is a new one maybe a week or two.

Than for reporting.

Just to add my (truncated) $0.02… don’t know how wide an issue this is, but I’m also experiencing it:

And no, this is not browser related: occurs regardless of browser (Chrome, Firefox, Edge…)

… and no: not Zwift/OS/Phase of moon related also (all fully updated; Moon included)

@Zwift: Please fix it. Thanks.

Noticed this yesterday too. thought it was me but as I dont use the site that often, I moved on. Geez I am getting complacent with the bugs.

Still not fixed.

So many bugs!

It disappeared into the black hole AKA the ‘Known issues’ board. Problems with viewing Activities

Seems fixed - images are displayed full-size for me.

…And not a word from Zwift.

The bug is there again.

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its been like that for weeks on my system - apple tv

Should be fixed in 1.30 as far as I am aware.

The website is reliant on a game update? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


I still have the problem as well. I right click image and open into another tab to get full view on the web browser (both chrome and ms edge)

I get it too, it’s not just you.

As Dave said - this is an issue on the website so not sure how a game update would fix it?