- can't click on Screenshots if it's initially off screen

I know that there should be a “Screenshots” UI element in the bottom left of an activity page:


However, if the browser window isn’t deep enough to display it…

…you then can’t click it at all, because even the slightest scroll down the page to try and reveal the link causes the UI to reflow and remove those elements:

The overlay that contains the screenshot element slides out to the right, and the new banner that slides in doesn’t have an equivalent.

This is the same with Achievements and Nearby Zwifters if the window is small.

I get that it’s responsive design that only caters for specific ranges of window size, but it also has the same effect if a user has zoomed in (e.g. for accessibility purposes/bad eyesight).

This is fullscreen at 200%:

(WCAG 2.0 1.4.4 suggests 200%, but WCAG 2.1 1.4.10 actually goes as far as 400%)

It’d be great to have these features repeated lower down the page.