Problems with viewing Activities

When i view an activity on i get this:

if i scroll down to view the screen shots they all disappear off the side:

so it makes it really hard to view the screen shots - you can just about click on them but not ideal.

Yeahhhh, I’m annoyed too. What is up with that??

Huh, every day’s a school day - I didn’t even know screenshots were present on the website feed… because they’re off-screen and disappear as you say when I scroll down. If I zoom out, there they are. Never even knew, and always thought it was daft.

Edit: they sit at the bottom of the page lovely if Chrome zoom is at 90% (Windows scaling at 100%). So I guess that’s what the webmaster uses. :rofl:

Edit 2: I’ve always copied screenshots from my PC onto a USB stick, if I wanted to upload them elsewhere. Turns out the saved ones are just there on the feed. FFS


On the same subject, this is a bit naff:


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This is still a problem, maybe no one has even noticed there is other info on the website because they never see it! this is my view at 100%

then scroll down and you immediately see this

You may never even know this stuff here exists!

Seems to be set up for Portrait orientation. Works ok if accessed through IPad in portrait view.

And even if you can see to click the images, they’re displayed in ridiculous letterboxes

Wow, who knew. I had to drop all the way to 50% zoom to get everything to show up. OT, but knowing how W/kg is the basis of Zwift riding, anyone else find it weird that this stat isn’t shown in a Zwift activity?

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This might be to avoid people being able to work out another user’s weight.

Also interesting that website version shows speed which does not appear on CA timeline version.

Agreed, that’s not great.

I’ve repro’ed on Windows and asked the web team to have a look. In my case - I have a 15" 4k laptop display and a 27" 4k external monitor, and the key difference between the two are the display scale settings in Windows OS. Setting other variables aside (browser zoom setting, display resolution differences, etc) looks like the OS display scale settings need to be factored in. Thanks all.


… and the update is?


The update is they have been busy working on the update for June which will introduce a lot of other bugs that they’ll need to fix before they can get to this

Finally (seems to be…) fixed.

Glad Zwift found the time to fix a bug. It is unfortunate they did not communicate it being closed.

Oh well, Zwift.

Not for me, still as it was.


Anyone else cares to add his/her current status on this?


which browser do you use?

I can view things but have to zoom out on chrome on a windows PC

This is what I see at 100%, full screen on Chrome and Firefox on Windows.

The screenshot image is clickable, and the letterboxing is improved by still present.

However, the cursor doesn’t change when mousing over the screenshot thumbnail, so it’s not clear it’s interactive.

It can’t be selected using the keyboard either.

At my normal browser window size, I still can’t see the screenshots and can’t scroll them into view.

Line height of 4rem (and breaking mid-word) on the activity name looks a bit odd too.

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More or less all good for me now (chrome desktop). The changes for me are

  • instead of getting pics cut off, I get full pic plus a heap of space below the pic.
  • In the overview of the activity, I can see/select the 3 pics in this activity but if I drop magnification of browser below 100% get scroll bar for images.

100% magnification…

100% magnification activity overview

90% magnification activity overview (scroll bar on pics)

that is 100% with 125% windows scaling

same but with 100% scaling.

my issue isn’t that it doesn’t all fit on one screen, it is that when you scroll down it jumps straight past it all, you can’t just scroll a bit further down the page to see the bits off the bottom of the screen