About the "..Pictures\Zwift\" folder

Hi everyone,

wanted to share a bit of information about the “…Pictures\Zwift” folder, that constantly gets filled with unwanted screenshots during every session.

At first i thought it was a bug since i have deactivated the automatic screenshot upload in Zwift, so i contacted Zwift Support. However, the option in-game is about screenshot UPLOADING and reading the support’s answer, it makes sense now:

"Hi Claudio,
[standard support template blabla]…

At this time, there is no option to disable images saving to your device. While the images will not automatically upload to Zwift.com or your third party connections, they will save to that folder.

I understand this is likely not what you were hoping to hear and I wish I could provide better news.

With that said we have heard this request before and are considering it for implementation, though I cannot provide a timeline or estimate on when that can be expected.
Ride on.

So basically we have to manually clean up the pictures folder until Zwift decides to implement an deactivate button for this “useful” feature. :man_shrugging:

Thanks for sharing that one…useful info…:+1:

And if you have video screenshots they will do the same.

However unless you are perilously close on disk space it shouldn’t make a difference as the file sizes are small.

It’s a 30 second task to manually delete them and personally I’m dead against Zwift automatically deleting files on my behalf.

Don’t fix what’s not broken.


Well, imo they don’t have to delete anything - they should simply not take pictures if i don’t want to. What good is a folder full of pointless screenshots of your workouts? It’s just a pile of pictures you’d probably never need.
Zwift should at least make it possible to have the customer decide about screenshots, don’t think it’s much of an effort.


On that i agree, an option to actually not take any would be better.

Hi @Claudio_Costantino

Thank you for the feedback and the request for a setting that doesn’t save images (or video) to your hard drive at all. We’ll discuss this for future development related to video (and photo) screenshots.

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