Screen shots ignored

At the end of my ride some of the screenshots I have taken are marked as ignored.
Any ideas?

This is OK: Zwift normally marks 3 pictured to upload, and will allow up to 5 - with the rest marked “ignored”.

You can select any image and mark it to be uploaded - those that won’t, are marked “ignored”.

Thank lots

but where do all of the screenshots you take go? using a samsung s6 tablet to run the app and taking screenshots via the companion app on a samsung s20+. i take about 20 or so screenshots during a ride and they don’t seem to be saved to any folder on either the tablet or the phone. so what’s the purpose of taking the screenshots if i can only attach 5 to an upload?

I find my ZC screenshots on my phone’s “Pictures” folder…

yeah thats what ppl keep saying, but i promise you they’re not on any folder on either the tablet or the phone. just gone after the ride. it’s annoying

Zwift saves into the root of “Pictures” while most apps will create a folder inside Pictures. Most apps will also ignore the root folder and so saved Zwift pictures will not appear for those apps.

I’m having the same issue on my S6 table. Did you find a solution?

i did. you have to give zwift permission to write to the pictures folder. the request never appeared for me so i ended up uninstalling zwift and zwift companion. after reinstalling and upon first use both apps ask permission to write to the pictures folder when you take your first screenshot. say yes and they’ll start saving to the folder

So I just uninstalled and reinstalled zwift and the companion app. Saw the prompt for permissions to file storage which I allowed. Then I went into the app settings and allowed anything else that was denied by default. Did the same in the companion app, but still no luck. Is there a specific permission buried somewhere else for that Pictures folder? I don’t see anything saving in Google Photos or the Samsung Gallery app on my tablet…

well for me the key was the companion app. are you using the tablet for zwift and another device for the companion app? make sure the permissions are set on the second device and try to take the screenshots using the companion app. as i recall, once i allowed it to access the storage it saved each screenshot to the samsung gallery (using the s20), which is then linked to google photos. after the ride i just log into google photos and all the screenshots are there.

if you’re not using the companion app, it might actually be even easier using just zwift itself. again, make sure the permissions are allowed and after you take some shots look in the samsung gallery. if they’re there but not in google photos then it’'s a simple matter of just having photos access the gallery. if they’re not in the gallery at all and you’ve allowed it access to storage, then something else is wrong, but for me it was a simple matter of allowing the permissions in the first place

good luck, keep us posted on what happens

Hi again.

Yes I am using the companion app on my pixel 2, and zwift on my samsung galaxy tablet. In both apps, there are no permissions denied. I ran through these settings earlier today chatting with a zwift ambassador who ran out of suggestions. However he did mention that it was a known bug from earlier in 2020 but didn’t say if it was slotted to be batched anytime soon.