Screen shots ignored

At the end of my ride some of the screenshots I have taken are marked as ignored.
Any ideas?

This is OK: Zwift normally marks 3 pictured to upload, and will allow up to 5 - with the rest marked “ignored”.

You can select any image and mark it to be uploaded - those that won’t, are marked “ignored”.

Thank lots

but where do all of the screenshots you take go? using a samsung s6 tablet to run the app and taking screenshots via the companion app on a samsung s20+. i take about 20 or so screenshots during a ride and they don’t seem to be saved to any folder on either the tablet or the phone. so what’s the purpose of taking the screenshots if i can only attach 5 to an upload?

I find my ZC screenshots on my phone’s “Pictures” folder…

yeah thats what ppl keep saying, but i promise you they’re not on any folder on either the tablet or the phone. just gone after the ride. it’s annoying

Zwift saves into the root of “Pictures” while most apps will create a folder inside Pictures. Most apps will also ignore the root folder and so saved Zwift pictures will not appear for those apps.