Zwift Companion not saving screenshots on iPhone - Black Screenshots on Activity Upload

Good day everyone!

I’m using Zwift on Android on a Samsung Note 9 connected to my ANT+ sensors since Samsung natively supports these and my sensors aren’t Bluetooth.

I’m streaming Zwift to my Sony Bravia TV from my phone with no lag or issues whatsoever. The Zwift companion app is on my iPhone 8 with 149 Gb of storage available. When I go on a ride, the companion app goes into map mode and I can text my friends who are Zwifting and everything seems to work except for the screenshots.

When I take a photo, the screen flashes but photos are not stored in my gallery on my iPhone. I have given permission to write to my Photos and I have uninstalled and reinstalled the app twice to no avail. The photos seem to be actually taken, because at the end of the ride ON THE GAME only I can see them, but to see them I need to disable the little graph icon on the top left corner. If I leave the graphs on the screenshot goes black if I disable it I can see the screenshot. On the companion app, I can’t see any of the shots when I stop the ride from the companion app, so I need to stop the ride from the game so I can disable the graphs on the screenshots so that they don’t save as a black shot. This wouldn’t matter as much, if it weren’t because the iPhone also doesn’t save the photos in the gallery for some reason. I’d try with my PC, but I don’t have a dongle for ANT+.

Here are all the specs:
Zwift Android version V114-1.0.48638 on Samsung Galaxy Note 9 SM-N960F Android 10
Zwift Companion version 3.12.1(1021) Server Version 1.186.2 on iPhone 8 running iOS 13.3.1
Both connected to a stable 2.4 Ghz Wi-Fi network
All updated to the latest versions according to the App stores of each platform.

I know there’s a similar bug regarding black screenshots but this is that, plus the fact that my companion app isn’t saving photos locally to my phone as others report it works.

Thanks in advance for any help!

In case anyone is interested… I discovered that this doesn’t happen if I’m using Zwift from the desktop. It only happens if I’m using Zwift on one phone and using the companion app on the other phone.

Having similar issue.
I am usually zwifting on my laptop and have ZC on my mobile (Samsung S8). Pictures are taken during the ride and saved in my camera folder on the mobile.

Now I am using another Samsung S8 for zwifting (as my laptop crashed) and have ZC opened on the other S8.

I can take picture during rides, but they are not saved at all in my phone. I can see the last 5-6 (?) on the screen when saving the ride, but if I take like 15 photos, they are not saved on my mobile.

I have checked that both mobiles have similar authorisations for Zwift and ZC. But once again, on Saturday (last ride done on laptop) it works fune to save the pics on mobile, but now when using 2 mobiles, it doesn’t work.

Tried to use a hotspot from one mobile to the other. Just to see if there was something to do with the wifi, but did not work.

Any hint?

Having the same issue. Running ZM companion on Xiomi MiA1 & Zwift on Huwei M5 Lite 10" (4gb).

Whenever I take a screen shot I get the normal shutter sound and the screen on the M5 temporarily freezes. But when I upload to Strava the screenshots are just black, with the icon overlays.


Same here i have samsung a70 and using chromcast to my tv screen i have talen photos during my ride but when i save no photos whatsoever even on my strava please help

Same bug for me, I can upload screenshot in Strava only if I disable the graph logo on the top right corner… but I am able to save the pic without power data… anyone can help? I reinstalled the app… it did not happen before and I was always running Zwift on an Android platform