Comp App screen captures are being stored on my phone

Why are screen captures being stored in my “Pictures” folder on my Android phone?
Since when? Is this a new bug or features? I didn’t agree this this.

Today for the first time, while running the comp app, and selecting the camera icon (screen capture) on the phone, it looks like the images are being stored to my “Pictures” folder of my Photos app. I never gave Zwift permission to access my Photos app.

I’ve never seen this happen before. How do I turn this off?
My phone storage is private.

I know they are stored on my computer. That’s not a problem. And I know they are uploaded to the Zwift feed and to my Strava feed. But they should never be stored on my phone.

It’s always been this way when using the companion app to take screenshots.


You can remove file access permission from the Companion app if you like, but then you won’t have any screenshot capability and I don’t know if it will.cause other problems.

At some point you’ll have given file access permission to Companion.

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Always there? I don’t think so…
I checked my old phone and there were never any Zwift screen caps on it, going back to Dec. 2018.
And I checked my current 3 month old phone.
And the only screen caps on it are from today.

There is no setting that I can find that allows or denies the CompApp from the Photos app. The only permissions that can be granted or denied are:
Calendar, Camera, Location, Nearby Devices. None are allowed.
And Notifications (custom settings).

This is a new issue.

No, is it not. Mike is right, it was always like this. I delete the screenshots after the ride.

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Been there the last 6 plus years.

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Interesting… here’s some more data:

My Pixel3 phone, which I used for over 5 years on Zwift, has NO saved images from Zwift. And I used to compApp’s camera icon thousands of times, as well as the F10 key on my computer. It’s my new Pixel8 that now has these images being saved.

I suspect it’s the newer version of Android O/S that displays this behavior.

I did an experiment this morning on the Pixel8 (newer phone):

  1. I took screen caps using the phone - and those were stored on my phone (ack!) and uploaded to Zwift.
  2. I took screen caps using the computer keyboard F10 - those images were NOT saved to my phone, only uploaded.

I believe you, when you say it’s always been like this. Perhaps this is a new thing for Android phones (O/S version, etc.). And it’s always been there for iPhone (I can’t say for sure on that, I don’t have an iPhone).

I still think, however, it should be an enable/disable storing screen caps on the phone, from a compApp service point of view.

[TL;DR] Old Pixel3 phone does not, and has never, saved images from Zwift compApp. New Pixel8 phone saves images from compApp. Keyboard F10 does not save images to phone (saves to computer only). I’d like an enable/disable feature for the phone-only and keep the images on the computer.

best regards

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I mostly use a Samsung Android tablet for Companion, as has been said depends on permissions i think.
Thank you for the reminder about the pics saved on my computer, I’ve just archived 11 months worth :partying_face:

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I had always an Android phone, started with Android 7 (HTC One), now Android 14 (Pixel 5). Believe me, was always exactly like this.

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Wondering if the older phone was storing them in a different file folder on the phone? Are you able to see other folders in the picture gallery on the old phone?

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I searched for all *.jpg on the old phone - there are no Zwift images.

Oh well, it is what it is.

Thank you to everyone who replied. It indeed makes sense that a screen cap made on a phone would have to save it on the phone, before uploading to Zwift, from a completely technical point of view. And everyone reports it’s always been this way.

I consider this issue CLOSED, and I feel better knowing how it works, and why the images are there. I’ll make good use of them, by sending them to my brother, who I’m trying to convince to join Zwift!

Thanks again for your detailed replies.

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