How do I stop the auto photo download?

(Dick Feather) #1

After latest update the program downloads 5 pics to my photo folder of my Zwift ride. I don’t care for this and it takes time to delete these unwanted pics. Any fix to stop this?

(Erik Borgnes ) #2

I agree. I have no interest in the pics either.

(Hannah Parish) #3

Agree. How do I remove this feature? I can’t un-select all photos at the end of a ride and I’d like to.

(Aoi Niigaki) #4

Agree, This is particularly bad on ios as photos get saved into the application folder, slowly eating up storage space, and where it is impossible to delete them without resorting to using ifunbox to rummage around in the dark inner workings of my ipad. It’s not good programming practice to be saving pictures to this location. At least save them to a user accessible area but preferably have an option to not save automatic screenshots.

(Dick Feather) #5

Makes me wonder if Zwift bothers to read the forum. No answers from them and seemingly no interest.