Strava Auto Photo Uploads

Feel like this was fixed at some point last year, but is now an issue again.


I Zwift on iPad, I rarely upload photos from Zwift onto the Strava activity, however sometimes I will put a grab of a race result or workout for reference.

However, every single Zwift activity I do now has a photo auto-added to it on Strava, usually an hour or two after the activity happened. It’s not a screengrab but a low-quality shot from somewhere on Zwift.

This photo will replace any photo I have previously uploaded to the activity.

I can;t see anywhere to stop this happening, and I haven’t found any topics on here since around 2015 about auto-uploaded Strava pics. How do I stop this happening?


You can change the settings in the settings menu.


Cheers, that menu is from a PC version of the game, I’m on iOS (iPad) and it has different menus.

I think that image upload on/off option was there a while ago, but the current version does not have that option unfortunately.


“This photo will replace any photo I have previously uploaded to the activity.”

This is common Charlie - I often have to reupload pics when Strava decides to overwrite my own pic uploads with a bland low-quality image, as you have said, hours can pass before this happens.

I generally take a snapshot early on in the ride knowing that pic, with all the data removed, will automatically be used by strava instead of the random low-quality image.

Not sure what’s going on but it is a ‘known’ feature of the image-relationship between Strava and Zwift.