IOS auto image upload

Is there a way to stop the IOS Zwift app from uploading images automatically?

The setting to turn this off does not seem to be available in the IOS app, as it is on my PC version

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You can change this setting on the Zwift App, however you must be _in-game _to do so. 
While in ride-mode, you can locate your settings and adjust them as needed!

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

The setting does not appear to be available on the iOS app?



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I also would like to disable auto image uploading from iOS Zwift to Strava. Is there some other way/workaround how to disable it? Thanks!

Please see screenshot from the latest version of Zwift for iOS (Dec. 5th, 2017) with missing option to disable auto image upload:

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Try going into the iOS Settings -> Zwift -> Allow Photos Access -> Never.

I have no idea if this actually works as screenshots do not seem to be permanently stored in the Photos library.


edit: Nope, doesn’t work…