Ability to disable Strava photo uploads on iOS

(Artie Blur) #1

Some people have raised this as how to disable auto photo uploads to Strava from iOS and many of the comments are for the controls available on the computer version.

Can we please have the same ability on iOS or at very least restrict it to only photos we take rather than some random point in the ride.

(Charlie Woodall CVR) #2


Those auto-uploaded pics look terrible.

(Artie Blur) #3

…and not only that… I’ve now noticed they’re being saved in the Zwift folder on my iPad which is merrily filling up with unwanted JPGs and no way to delete them. How long before Zwift fills up my iPad completely?

(Top Bomber) #4

Yes, I’m fed up with having to delete them each time from Strava and I can’t find a way to turn them off on an iPad unlike on a computer.