Strava Image Uploads

Anybody else noticing issues with the uploading of Zwift shots you Strava.

Mine are missing the HUD sections and the image is stretched.

Looking at my Strava feed it’s 50/50 with people i follow.

Some are like mine, some are fine.

More examples of missing elements here - Blurred screenshots (iOS) - #19 by Nigel_Tufnel

Different issue looking at that. I’m on Windows

@10K.Every.Day.In.23 had you just finished a workout or event, by chance?

Neither. Happening during solo runs.

It seems like there was another thread talking about stretched/distorted screenshots, but I can’t find it right now. (I’m probably searching on the wrong word/s.)

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Same sort of thing? I think screenshots generally are knackered.

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It’s on the same lines. Preferences not being ignored that I’m aware of but then i just leave it to take the automatic one.
Certainly some distortion.

are you using multiple screens, or multiple windows within 1 screen…? (on pc)

Single screen with Zwift running in Full screen mode.

Today it worked perfectly.

Mine aren’t uploading at all…

Mine are all back to normal. Must have been a localised issue.