Return of F10 Screenshots Issue

Following the 1.33 update I’ve experienced the return of Win 11 F10 screenshots not uploading to Strava again.

Same problem on Windows 10. Some screen prints make it. Some do not. And I am quite (very) diligent at selecting the prints I want downloaded and starring my highlight image.

Now that you mention it, one of my selected screenshots never made it to Strava. I’m using Apple TV. I’ll have to double-check next time I ride to be 100% certain, because I’ve never had this issue before.

This has been happening for me since before the 1.33.0 release, so I’m not sure it’s related.

Uploading screenshots from Zwift to Strava seems generally flaky. Sometimes they’ll appear, other times not. I haven’t yet determined any pattern (such as whether I’ve edited the activity before the screenshots are added).

Lately I’ve taken to going to my Zwift feed on and dragging them across from there.

Really weird. My “missing” Strava screenshot is actually the primary one showing on my activity feed. How do I find these images on (can’t see the wood for the trees :grin:)?

Click “My Feed” at the top, and it will go to The at Home Cycling & Running Virtual Training App or equivalent.

Once you select an activity, the screenshots should be listed at the bottom left.

However, depending on your screen resolution and window size you might not be able to see them. I usually have to maximise my window, and sometimes change the browser zoom to 90%.

Once you select a screenshot you can either download it and upload to Strava, or if you have both pages open just drag the screenshot over from Zwift to Strava (when editing an activity).

Thanks a million :+1: Had my browser zoom set to 90% and all the stuff below “achievements” was invisible :roll_eyes: Had to drop the zoom to 50%. You live and learn :smile:

Still have no idea why it didn’t download automatically to Strava. I did change my choice of screenshots before saving the workout on Zwift (though I do this most times) :thinking:

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Yeah, the responsive design could use a little tweaking. =)