Too many updates [AppleTV]

The number of updates and their size is getting out of hand. I’ve had two in 7 days - missed a race by 5 seconds - took 10 minutes to download and I have 200+ connection - what size files are they - must be GB?

I understand the need to update but are there so many bugs needing updating ?! Perhaps a decent update every 6 months and very small between - seem to be downloading the complete program each time?

Putting me off and I’ve been here a long time

I’ve never had to wait that long… what device are you using for Zwift?

I’m really happy about getting frequent updates, which install in about 1 minute for me. The more frequent release cadence is a big improvement over how things used to be.

Can you tell me anything about the specs of whatever you’re running the game on? I wonder if there are some cost-effective improvements you could make to get better performance installing updates.


If you’re on PC just set it to background updating in the system tray and it will update for you

Thanks everyone - Apple TV 4th Gen 32GB - WiFi download is c220MB

That is the very oldest and slowest Apple TV that will still run Zwift at all. Unfortunately there are no hardware changes you can make to it, but a few things to try would be making sure that updates are installed automatically, and doing a factory reset of the Apple TV device. One of the benefits of Apple TV is that it supports doing updates in the background. Did you turn off automatic app updates? Or if you’re powering off the device in between uses, try leaving it on so automatic app updates can work while you’re not riding.

Yeah - I have a newer one I could probably use now that my TVs are using the Apple TV streaming app. Auto update on but switched off between sessions

Or leave it powered on and you’ll probably have a better experience with updates