Apple TV 4K - Avoid the constant updates?

For those of you that have moved to Apple TV 4K, do you still have to deal with the daily updates on the Zwift Apple TV app? My wife is done with Zwift on our desktop (constant updates and stability issues) and wants something that she can jump on and go. My hope is that Apple TV 4K is a good alternative. We do not own an iPad but considering that as well. Trainer is a TACX 2T. Thanks in advance.

Not sure what is going on with your PC but there aren’t daily updates to Zwift. There were 2 recent ones, 27 March and 14 April. Yesterday’s was a small update for future events (nothing major).

As far as AppleTV, they get the same updates everyone else does just usually a few days later due to Apple’s review process for apps.

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Good to know, thanks. We’ve had an update nearly every single day for the past week or two that we have been using it again. After the update, it clocks and the app needs to be restarted. Not a gaming box but fairly powerful PC and used only for Zwift.