An hour wasted!

I’ve been waiting for an hour for Zwift to update! Why can’t it update in the middle of the f’n night? If it’s not updating it won’t connect to my devices. This thing sucks so bad. Who knew I was going to need to buy a high end computer to make this work.

You don’t need a high end computer. You do need broadband internet and ideally an SSD. The latter costs approximately £15.


You don’t need a high-end computer. My ancient PC with an SSD upgrade typically updates Zwift in a minute or so. There’s something very wrong with your setup/installation if yours takes over an hour.

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Updated in less than a minute.

No change in connection.

I’m afraid as per above the OP has their own issues.

I have a very slow internet connection (slowest possible with DSL, verified by several technicians) and a Zwift update usually takes about 30 minutes to one hour for me, sometimes longer. If I use my phone´s mobile data it takes about 1-2 minutes but I don´t want to spend my limited data volume on this. There´s nothing I can do about my slow connection so I would also be happy about a solution to update AFTER the ride.

Are you on wifi? There’s something very wrong there. My Apple TV updates never take more than 60 seconds.

No, it’s not a spaghetti code issue because we’re talking about a tvOS app being installed and not even being run.

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It’s your setup…

There’s a lack of complaints of a similar nature to yours across the platforms, only isolated reporting.

But then you’ve had other issues with your setup before haven’t you.

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Not fanboys, it’s just that the vast majority of people don’t experience the issues you’re talking about. Also, since you said you’re on ATV, why don’t you just turn off the automatic updates? Then YOU can control when you want to install it.

I have accepted that it’s probably my computer. However, after fighting the install for an hour, I spent another 20 minutes trying to get the devices to connect properly. They’ll connect and then drop in first 5 min of the start of workout. The I restart Zwift and all is good with the world. I didn’t move anything. Not sure what changed.

Zwift may have some issues with ‘spaghetti code’, but that only affects game play, not the update process. :wink:


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