Time ahead/behind broken

I often see zeros for riders who are nowhere near me.

Hi @Siobhan_Sinclair

This almost seems like either an intermittent internet/WiFi connectivity issue or a connection issue of some other kind.

For starters, I’d suggest working through the suggestions in this article.

If that doesn’t help, contact Zwift support and our tech support team will be able to take a closer look.

You can contact us here – make sure to press the “Start Chat” button to get the support process started.

@Steven_D while it’s nice to see more interaction by Zwift staff, time gap issues have been a known issue for almost a year now that can easily be verified by searching “time gaps” in the forum search. It appears no follow up has happened since July 21.
See: Riders Nearby time gaps are way off in event [July 2021] - #4 by Jimmie_Will_Richey_I

Or this link for a post with a link to multiple threads about time gap issues: Incorrect time gap in meetup - #2 by D_Watson

Hi @D_Watson

One of the links you posted was in the “Known issues” section but I didn’t see a bug report number.

I’ll follow up with the team to see where we’re at on this issue. Thanks for the help!

On my last ToW ride, I saw riders listed as -4+ minutes (ie, ahead of me) showing up in the list behind me. I think they were actually behind me but with incorrect values. Sorry I didn’t get a screenshot. If this is not a known issue I will try to get a pic next time.