Tickr wont pair with mac os

Hi Nicolas. I don’t use my laptop for actual rides, but I tried it out just now to test the pairing, and it pairs just fine.

Mac OS High Sierra 10.13.4 / latest version Tickr

What other details can you give about your system? OS version? What kind of trainer? What other devices do you have connected? Etc.

Tickr doesn’t pair with Mac OS Catalina, always latest updates, using Kickr 2018. Tickr pairs just fine with ipad or iphone.

Have you tried removing all other possible BT devices before pairing it? I.e. unpair the Tickr from the iPhone and iPad, and turn off BT on those devices before you try to pair it with the computer? It could be that one of those devices is pairing to the Tickr and won’t let go to allow it to pair to the computer.

Yes I even tried unplugging Kickr, removing BT from all other devices and just trying to pair Tickr to macbook pro. ( mac os )