Tickr HR connected but no reception

hello all
i’ve been using zwift for a while with this setup

  • windows 10
  • smart flux bluetooth
  • wahoo tickr for HR

everything sync well until yesterday and since then, home trainer is OK as usual but impossible to get a sync for my HR with wahoo tickr

no change in setup whatsoever, drivers OK, since last zwift update i already used it and worked fine…

tickr works perfectly well (also change CR battery just in case) on my phones (both iphone + android) but no way to get data with zwift “connected” but “no data reception”

bluetooth not active on phones when i try zwift on windows 10
windows bluetooth or zwift companion = same problem

do you guys have a similar problem or solution ?
thanks a lot, kind of a boomer to have software problem during covid :slight_smile:

Had the same problem with a similar set up. Try disconnecting the TICKR from all apps. Mine with connected to iPhone and Wahoo app. Once I disconnected, everything worked fine with Zwift.