Suddenly no Bluetooth

I have been using Zwift with windows 10 with my built-in bluetooth in a new laptop and since this morning the bluetooth is not working, but only in Zwift, I can connect everything.
I have tried Zwift Companion but there are lags with my pedals sometimes.

What have you done?

There was no Zwift update this week. :thinking:

Can you go into your windows Bluetooth settings and unpair everything. Then Try again.

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I have restored Windows, the whole SO, I can´t use the built-in bluetooth. There is an ! in the bluetooth icon.

That can be a driver issue. Time to Google the problem with Bluetooth.

I have reinstalled the drivers, the point is that bluetooth is working perfectly with everything but Zwift.

I have just installed Rouvy and there´s no problem connecting my devices with the bluetooth.

After installing Rouvy, I have used Zwift again and it´s working now!!!

Hi Francisco

kind of same probleme here
how installing another bike software can solve your zwift problem ? can we count on magic ? :stuck_out_tongue:

I really don’t know the reason, I’m sure it is something of the SO. Bluetooth is working great now. I spent two days getting crazy with this Bluetooth problem.