There must be something wrong or a bug, my Ftp is 400w

I am using Elite Suite with Canyon Strive 2019 with Sram gx 1x11

Today I did run the ramp to test with egr-mode and there must be something wrong or a bug if I am having almost 400w and do not feel exhausted, I did stop at that point. Because I did not trust the setup and the test.

What could be wrong?

Did you calibrate the trainer using the Elite app?

I did calibrate it in Zwift and in Elite app. The second ftp ramp today was 326w (I did not give all my efforts the second time because I should have been asleep hours ago :slight_smile: ),but now I did notice that my heart did raise and the pedaling start to feel more heavier.

Perhaps there is something wrong or perhaps the value is realistic for me

Only calibrate with Elite app…do not use the Zwift calibration.

If you have a friend with a separate power meter (pedals, etc) perhaps you could borrow and do a comparison.

I did FTP Test (Shorter) and I did find something odd and perhaps a bug?

Heart rate


Zwift or Elite does not really change the resistance under 20 minutes and after 20 minutes it changes it