Elite rampa watts bug

Hello everyone, I just received my home trainer elite rampa but I encountered the following problem …
I downloaded the mobile application to connect my home trainer in bluetooth, but the problem is that when I apply slightly on the pedal I go to 400W. What to do?
Thank you in advance for your answer.

I am French excuse me for the faults

i’ve been using zwift and Rampa since 2016 and everything worked with no problem. Now after some last updates my wats also increased a lot. I’ve broken my collarbone and before this my FTP was something around 300 wats.

Now, after some time of inactivity i can reach 350 and more  and drive on this without entering the red zone(140-145 bpm). 
I don’t know how to use zwift anymore.
On Elite My training app wats are still realistic, 140 -145 bpm are based on 240-250 wats