Elite Rampa

(Jarl Espen Sjursen) #1

Easely doing 350 watts 4w/kg on flats. Working really hard on hills to keep the same. Hills seems accurate… no way Im this strong on the flats. Please advice☺

(Paul Allen) #2

Are you sure your trainer is calibrated and that you have inputted the correct weight?

(Jarl Espen Sjursen) #3

Weight correct. 90 kg

(Jarl Espen Sjursen) #4

How do i calibrate? No such option on Elite app for Rampa

(Paul Allen) #5


(Jarl Espen Sjursen) #6

I’ve read this, but i dont have issues with resistance. Only to high calculated watts…

(Paul Allen) #7

Might be an issue with the trainer. Have you connected Elite about the issue? Can you use another device to see if it is broadcasting similar watts to it? Also make sure the firmware is up to date on the trainer.

(Jarl Espen Sjursen) #8

Just came from qubo digital smart b+. Similar on the Hills, big difference on the flats. Could not get the same watt with that one. I’ve sent Elite a questione about it

(Jarl Espen Sjursen) #9

Altered p2…altered it back to the same value…boom, finaly Im struggeling on the flats… weird, but nice