Resistance not accurate with Elite Rampa

Hello everyone.

First of all, I apologise if this is the wrong sub-forum.

I’ve been looking for the issue I want to report and, although I’ve found some comments on my trainer (Elite Rampa), I haven’t found anyone with the problem I have, so I’m writing this post (excuse my English as well). I’ve had my trainer for 2 weeks and I tried Bkool the 1st week (everything worked fine there) and I’m using Zwift this second week (my free-trial period ends tomorrow, actually).

I signed up for a social ride today to climb the Alpe du Zwift. Now, I know my trainer can’t sim anything over 10%, so if the road is actually at 12% the resistance will be set at 10%, that’s it and I accept it. Actually, the Elite Rampa support told me that there’s very little difference from 7% to 10% (depends on the weight and some more things), but I was still happy with that. On 7% climbs with Bkool I had no gear left on my cassete and I was really suffering, which is normal!

Well, today during the Alpe du Zwift I had like 2-3 more gears to go, and during the last 3 kms I pushed myself and I was easily hitting 3 w/kg, and trust me, I’m not good at all. Having some gears left on 12% slopes with Zwift and having NO gears with 7% on Bkool sounds weird to me, so I’m asking for your help. Is this an issue? Is this normal?

I connect Zwift via BT to my computer (brand-new high-end gaming laptop with 4.1 BTE I think). When I connect it the app of the computer shows me the power source, cadence and controllable trainer (everything is identified as RM130, I don’t know why that name). The laptop is quite close to the trainer, so I think the connection must be strong. Also, on the settings menu the trainer difficulty is set to “max”, which I think it means the trainer will be as realistic as possible, but then again, I don’t think my Alpe du Zwift climbing was quite realistic.

This might seem like a quite silly issue, but I must decide tomorrow if I start paying Zwift or Bkool. I want to make the right choice, and so far I like Zwift way better than Bkool, but the feeling I’ve been getting is not as real as Bkool. Now I just want to know if my trainer has an issue (it is up to date and it has been calibrated) or if Zwift is quite “gentle” with the slopes.

Thank you very much!