RealTour B+/Zwift

(Per Sennerhall KCK SZR) #1

I recently bought an Elite Real Tour B + and I have problems with trainer/Zwift regarding resistance in the hills/slope. The problem is that my trainer react very slowly and I do not know if it depends on the software in the Elite or in the Zwift app. The software in the Elite is the latest version.
If I compare with Bkool there is a big difference compared to Zwift. In Bkool I get a clear resistance as soon as I come into a hill. In Zwift it may take 5-10 seconds before I get any resistance and I feel that resistance is not strong enough.
Is there anything I can do to solve the problem?

(. TomH..) #2

Hi Per, 

  1. Latency - There is nothing you can do, it’s the something we or Elite need to get adjusted. We are planning to do FE-C trainers this summer but there is so many of them so we can’t give you specific time unfortunately.
  2. Resistance - That’s something you can change in settings

Thank you for your enquiry and Ride On!