delay correction on resistance control (Real Muin)

Having great days with my Real Turbo muin. Thank you for your hard work on Elite trainers.

I know it’s not zwift’s fault, but I feel the change on the resistance has a dull response, especially when the grade changes so fast. For example, I still feel easy grade several seconds after I started climbing.

It’s apparently muin’s fault. muin starts to change the resistance once I start climbing. To change resistance takes long time.

But I think this kind of delay could be mitigated by software approach. You can calculate ETA to such significant grade change.

Hi Sadao, that is a good idea and one that we’ve already been playing with internally here at Zwift.  It is trickier than it seems on the surface so it was not in this update, but look for the delay to be reduced in future updates.

Thanks for the comment, it lets us know we’re on the right track with this issue.

That sounds great! I can’t…er…I can wait for it because I have already waited a half year for the muin :slight_smile:

I have a wahoo kickr power trainer and I experience some delays as well. The resistance seems to be adjusted e.g. at start of climb between 1 to 2 seconds later than visible on the screen. 

Similar, when i start riding i see my avatar pedalling with the same delay. Any expectations from Zwift when this is (partially) fixed?



Also seeing this with my Kickr. It’s really awkward going fast down a hill then into a small uphill that hits around 7% grade but the resistance doesn’t hit that 7% until after my character has crested the hill and started going down the other side. My brain is telling me it should start be getting easier, not harder at that point.

Hi Jon, any progress on this ‘delay’ feature? I agree it is a great idea and very much needed for my Elite Real Muin. The 4-5 second delay is really quite frustrating.



Another vote for this idea.  It doesn’t have to be perfect (I know the rider speed will factor into the calculation, so that and other variables make it tougher than it seems), but something would be better than nothing at this point.  Refine as you go.