Low resistance with elite direto

Paired direto power source as FE-C and control. trainer source as FE-C option, cadence source garmin vector pedals. The problem is that the resistance is feeled on the hills, but it is to easy as compaired to the incline, so the every hill feels too easy, always riding with the big ring up front and smaller in the back. Trainer Difficulty Is set to 100%. Should I pair with bluetooth? I’m using zwift on Mac. Any thoughts to solve this?

Hi, I have the same problem.


The wattage and speeds on hills might be true and comparable to the real world, but the resistence doesnt kick in, so a 10 % grade feels like a 5 to 6 %, even the trainer difficulty is set to max.

CycloOps Rouvy has the same problem as well.


please help

Same here. I go much faster than in real world. Why is the calibration option not available for the Elite Direto as for other trainers - allthough it is a Ant FE-C. 

Thanks for help and explanation

Ok, now I fixed it.


I paired the FE-C components with zwift (powermeter, cadence and controllable trainer). Before I ran over ANT+ only which had that problem.

I restartet the Direto (via power cable plug) and re-calibrated it to make sure, nothing’s set up wrongly.

Now restistence kicks in as it should, and wattage also fits now.

If the resistence does’nt fit, you’re weaker morre than 40 W of your normal effort, due to the computation of spped and power (while riding).

To avoid that problem and to set up all values right, I also paired my Garmin Edge to the unit, so I can read watt values on the Garmin and compare them to zwift. If they match, everything’s allright.

Hope that fixes your problems.