Elite Suito T not enough resistance?

Managed to connect my Elite Suito T to Zwift on an old-ish (Intel) MacBook Pro in combination with my Apple Watch for HR. First couple of rides felt spot-on in terms of resistance. I’m not a hugely powerful rider and my rides felt reallistically tough. On the third ride, I started running out of gears on 0% sections, reaching a maximum of about 220W at 90RPM. I’m on a gravel bike running a 46x11 high gear (somewhat lower than, say, a 52) but IRL I’m not strong enough to push that gear on the flat. Started the Pebble Pounder training programme today (so, in ERG mode) and did the whole thing in 46x13 and 46x11 which just seems really weird (and too easy – but maybe I should do training plan that isn’t “for beginners”?). When I performed a ramp test, it gave an FTP of 195. Should I just raise that number? I have calibrated the trainer in both Zwift and myETraining (but weirdly, they both request that I stop peddling at 6mph). I have updated the trainer with the latest firmware with Elite’s Upgrade app. I know there’s a lot in here, but I’m a Zwift and smart trainer noob, so I’d really appreciate the help!

HI @Richard_Hayter

The gear you use in ERG workouts does not matter, pic something that keep your chain straight.

If the workout was to easy then it can be that your FTP is wrong.

Thanks @Gerrie_Delport_ODZ I’ll try artificially raising my FTP and attempting another workout. Maybe another ramp test?

Yes rest a day and do another test.I prefer the 20min test but that can be a bit hard for a new cyclist. Testing is the best way to get a good FTP.

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